8 Ways For Improving Your Google Ranking In The Year 2020


Web surfers and visitors are 40% times more likely to click on your website if it is ranked number one on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP)! Figures for 3rd and 4th ranking are 30% and 24% respectively. Google ranks a web page based on its quality of content, relevance to keywords and other aspects. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one proven way of improving the ranking of your page and website on Google. A top position will yield you more traffic. For business websites, it means greater sales. When more than 75% of clicks come to the first five web pages of the Google search engine result page, you would surely want to do all that you can to showcase your website as a prime presentation. Here are the best ways for increasing your Google rankings in the year 2020.

Domain Authority 2.0

Domain authority reflects the overall quality of a webpage and website through which Google can rank it on its search engine result page. Moz’s invention is one of the most popular measures to judge the authority of a domain and is called DA (Domain Authority). Moz will judge the quality of a website and its content and will assign a score to it (in between 1 to 100). The higher the score, the better is the quality of a website. DA can be improved by improving the link profile and by working on certain SEO practices(including on-page and off-page SEO). Therefore keywords, Meta descriptions, and page loading speed are also important for making a website well suited for Google. Moz’s DA 2.0 is now out, and the latest tool can give even better predictions. You can work on website aspects including SEO and use the comparative and relation metric by the name DA to know how your web pages will be performing on Google.

Video Continues to Surge

Content with videos and images is always regarded to be more genuine and authentic. Google is the owner of YouTube and hence any video can be easily linked to your website and make it rank higher in the search engine rankings. Google has a separate algorithm for ranking the videos as well and hence the quality of videos and its content is also important when you want them to rank higher in Google’s SERP(s). Apart from the actual video footage, you can also use the slide shows, screen captures and PowerPoint slides in the form of video content. Because Google’s web crawlers cannot read Flash well enough, you need to submit a video through a Video Sitemap (resembles the XML site map). The title of the video should be carefully chosen, as Google matches it with the “searched-for” keywords.

In the coming years, the indexing of videos and video content and their discovery will be more sophisticated. The competition will also increase. Hence you should have a sound multi-media creation strategy and create videos on topics that users are actively searching for.

The Rise of Visual Search

The human brain is good at visual processing and Google is also catching up to it through machine learning. Visual storytelling can be more captivating for your audience, and Google will also give more important to such content buildup. Surveys reveal that social media content and posts studded with visuals can provide for 180% increased engagement. Articles with images are also read more, by up to 94%.

As of now, picture searches are getting quite favorite and you can exploit the development by adding the relevant images in your content. Search engines, including Google and Bing, can understand the components of any given image much better now. Google Lens is also making it easier for users to search for images. Because the Google lens is native to all Android-based smartphones now, the popularity of visual search will only increase in the future. Businesses can advertise their offerings on Pinterest and can focus more on the visibility of the organic images.

Voice Search Optimization

The world is fast embracing the new technology of “voice search”. Excellent user experience also comes through devices like Amazon Tap/Echo and Google Alexa. As of now, more than 55% of the population in its teens is using voice search every day, and 44% of all adults have a preference for it. Voice search reduces the ambiguity and presents to the users only meaningful and useful content that they want to go through. Apart from an HTTPS website, you can also look at aspects including speed, social media positioning and content quality of your website, to make it well-suited for voice search. Simple content (includes simpler words and is easy to pronounce) will prove to be better for voice search, and will defiantly improve the ranking of your web pages. While keywords do not hold the same prominence in voice search, snippets help.

Optimize for Featured Snippets

Snippets are the response of Google to any query. The snippets are displayed in SERPs, above the search results and can draw the instant attention of the web visitors. Snippets are simple to read and understand and provide authentic information or response. Snippets may include the paragraph snippets (answering the who/how-to/what kind of questions), list snippets (answers to questions on tasks including DIY tasks and others), table snippets (answers to questions on pricing and rates, among other areas), and video snippets (answers in the form of videos).

You can feature and rank well in the snippets by following certain SEO strategies. You can locate the targeted keywords and include them in the right density in your content. See to it that the queries are answered properly and be factual. For the best results, try to answer the related queries as well. The addition of pictures and images will also improve the probability of your content getting favored in snippets and Google SERPs.

Master Search Intent

The businesses need to understand the content of the searchers and modulate their content and website accordingly, to rank higher in the Google SERPs. It may be even more important for the local businesses, in cases where users add a “location” keyword to the search query. A user may have search intent of getting more information on a topic or may wish to buy something. Therefore, search intent can is informational, navigation (people looking for a specific webpage or website), transactional (buying or selling intent), and commercial (queries for the future commercial activities).

A webpage should be designed for handling the search intent in the best way, for it to rank high SERP. For instance, a product page should not be displayed when the user only wants to get information. Google web crawlers will get to be more expert at handling the search intent in the future, and hence each landing page should be designed and created carefully so that it can get maximum traffic.

Combat Decreasing CTRs

CTR or Click-Through-Rate shows how well your advertisement is performing on Google. For instance, is an advert gets 5 clicks and a hundred impressions; its CTR is 5%. High CTR indicates that the adverts are helpful and are being accepted and preferred by the users. When you want a user to click on the advert after seeing it, you can use the tips given below.

  • Use the right and successful keywords.
  • Use the clock timers to create a sense of urgency.
  • Use ad extensions (including structured snippets), site link ads reviews and other inputs)
  • Use the location bidding framework and capture the preference of the audience in their location.
  • Make a compelling advert copy and include all the target keywords.

Focusing on improving the CTR is a proven way to make your webpages and adverts perform well on Google.

Backlinks Are Still Key

Backlinks can improve the authority of your website and the old ones are usually regarded as of higher quality and prominence by the Google web crawlers. With the introduction of Backlink technology, Google is now focusing more on the quality of backlinks. Backlinks show that the webpage can deliver value. There are many tools for the quality of the backlinks that you get from other websites. For instance, MOZ DA can yield the domain authority score of a website. The domains should be relevant and trusted and the social signals are now also equally important. For instance, a page with more Facebook likes will be ranked higher on Google SERP. When checking the do not links, you can also look at the website traffic the page generates.

The steps given above help websites rank better and high on Google SERP. Their adoption and following may require a revision of the website content and architecture. These steps will help you attain your goals and objectives as well, especially when related to monetization. The more you follow them, the more successful you can be.