Building eCommerce Site using WordPress and WooCommerce? Here are the Best Five Payment Gateways for Excellent Customer Experiences.


Ecommerce is all the rage now. If you are a brand or small business wanting to utilize the opportunities provided by the internet, the first thing you need to have is an ecommerce website.

But that’s not all.

Along with a professional, intuitive and well-designed ecommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce, you need to a viable, robust and reliable payment.

Advantages of payment gateways

Think why you need payment gateways; let’s check its advantages out:

  • Convenience for customers and businesses
  • Secure payments with better security features
  • Offer better user-experience
  • Enable faster transactions
  • Exercise full payment control
  • Enable recurring payments
  • Provide mobile payment options

As payment gateways are the most sensitive part of an ecommerce business, your brand needs to make sure that you have the best one your website.

Your payment gateway should make the customers confident about entering their sensitive financial details. And they must have the best of transactional experiences.

Therefore, we bring you five best payment gateways that Indian businesses can use if they run their ecommerce site using WordPress and WooCommerce.

Let’s jump right in:

Razorpay Payment Gateway

If you are a small blogger or merchant, Razorpay is one of the most popular and reliable payment gateways available in India. Founded in 2013 by an India-based company, Razorpay is easy to setup and process.

Razorpay also offers direct links for payments that you can share on WhatsApp or Facebook. One of the most interesting aspects of the payment gateway is that it can be set up on your WooCommerce website without any additional costs.

Recently, Razorpay has also created the option for instant refund which will better the user experience all the better.

Unique Features of Razorpay

  • Minimum signup process with quick documentation
  • Cheap transactional charges
  • Highly user-friendly and easy-to-understand Dashboard
  • 3D secure transaction option with OTP
  • Partial payment support
  • Excellent and reliable customer service
  • Easily Integrate with WooCommerce

Razorpay accepts payments from most of the chief Indian Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, IMPS, and Mobile Wallets.

Figures you should know about Razorpay

  • Maintenance Fee: None
  • Transaction Cost: 2.00% (GST Extra)
  • Transaction Settlement: 3 Business Days
  • Withdrawal Cost: Zero

Instamojo Payment Gateway

Another pocket-friendly payment gateway in India is Instamojo payment gateway. Apart from being free of cost for setting up the same on your website, Instamojo allows to create payment links quite easily right from the Dashboard of the site.

Using Instamojo, a business can share the links of WhatsApp, the most-used instant messaging platform, and have the amount paid directly to your bank account.

Unique Features of Instamojo

  • Easy, time-saving signup process with the payment gateway
  • No maintenance and setup cost
  • Full PCI-DSS compliant
  • Effortlessly create payment links for diverse products right off the Dashboard
  • Easy iOS SDKs and android SDKs integration
  • Easily Integrate with WooCommerce

Instamojo accepts payments from NetBanking of all the banks in India along with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, IMPS and all major Wallets.

Figures you should know about Instamojo

  • Maintenance fee: None
  • International transaction: No
  • Transaction cost: 2%+ Rs.3/- (Domestic Cards) and 3%+ Rs. 3/- (International Cards)

CC Avenue Payment Gateway

One of the original and largest payment gateways in India, CC Avenue is trusted by a large group of merchants and business community in India. It allows users to collect payments from your customers from around the world in multiple currencies.

As per your business type and scope, you can choose from two payment gateway options that CC Avenue offers—Start-up Pro and Privilege. As you would have guessed, Start-up Pro is free to set up.

Being one of the most trusted, reliable and widely-used payment gateways in India, CC Avenue boasts of its extensive security solutions with robust quality standards.

Unique features of CC Avenue

  • Among the largest payment gateways in India
  • Offers CC Avenue Fraud and Risk Identification System Free
  • iFrame integration
  • Multiple currency processing
  • Allows for mobile payments
  • Easy integration and customization
  • CC Avenue smart analytics
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Easily Integrate with WooCommerce

CC Avenue offers 200+ payment options with Visa/Maestro/Rupay/MasterCard Debit and Credit cards along with IMPS, UPI, Mobile walletand NetBanking from most banks in India.

Figures you should know about CC Avenue

  • Setup fee: None (for Start-Up Pro)
  • Maintenance fee: None
  • Settlement: 2 Business Days
  • Transaction cost: 2% and 3% for (International Visa/MasterCard Credit Cards)
  • Multicurrency charge: 4.99%

Stripe Payment Gateway

Another robust and feature-rich payment gateway, Stripe Payment Gateway is one of the most simple and easy to use payment gateways in India. What makes Stripe an effective addition in the list is its intuitive design and customer-friendly design.

Stripe also provides real-time fee reporting which can be highly beneficial for businesses that carry out a variety of payment transactions routinely.

It also offers payment options in over 135 currencies around the globe to make it one of the most suitable options for businesses that aim international business.

Unique feature of Stripe payment gateway

  • Free to set up
  • A unified platform with extensive payment options
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Robust, easy to use APIs
  • Quickly advancing platform
  • International transactions
  • Intuitive and customer-friendly Dashboard
  • Extensive customer support and service
  • Easily Integrate with WooCommerce

Stripe payment gateway provides the customers with the option to accept payments from major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, International Credit/Debit Cards, NetBanking of leading Indian banks and other payment options such as UPI, IMPS and Mobile wallets.

Figures you must should know about Stripe

  • Maintenance cost: None
  • Setup fee: None
  • Transaction costs: 2% for Visa and Master cards issued in India, 3.5% for Amex cards issued in India, and 3%for cards not issued in India
  • International transaction cost: 4.3% for all cards


PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal, one of the best payment gateways in India, provides you with the option to secure payment from around the world and in India. PayPal also assures its customers with faster, safer and easier transactions.

As of now, PayPal has more than 200 million accounts around the world, which makes is the best option if you want to receive international payments.

Unique features of PayPal payment gateway

  • Multicurrency support
  • International payment support
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to setup and integrate
  • Impeccable quality and security measures
  • Customer-first approach
  • Android and iOS integration for mobile applications
  • Default Payment gateway with WooCommerce

PayPal allows users to use most of the recognized Credit and Debit Cards. It also allows UPI, Mobile wallet and NetBanking of most Indian banks.

Figures you must know about PayPal payment gateway

  • Setup fee: None
  • Maintenance fee: None
  • Transaction costs: 4.4% + USD 0.30 + Currency Conversion charge
  • Withdrawal fee: None
  • Settlement day: Auto-withdrawal daily


While each of them has diverse capabilities and integration utilities, you must always go for the one that offers you and your customer the best experience.

You must make sure that, before using them, if these payment gateways provide you an efficient plug for a satisfactory experience and tested well.

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Keep in mind that this is the list that we have made from the researches that we have conducted and individual preferences may vary. And we do not recommend you use them based on our post.

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