The Stuff Of Dreams! Artificial Intelligence is changing reality as we know it

The industrial revolution that took place about 200 years ago changed the very face of society, redefining everything and paving the way for the miracles of today to take place. And now, yet another revolution is on its way changing reality as we know it. Artificial Intelligence is leading the next big change that will revolutionize everything that has ever been known to mankind. It is opening up a whole new realm of possibilities that couldn’t even have been imagined a few years ago. This technological revolution is already taking place, though in smaller steps now but soon it will grow in leaps and bounds.

Cognitive Thinking, Natural Language Processing, Machine learning and many as such are a few different terms given to Artificial intelligence as it has progressed through the past few decades. Artificial Intelligence has already changed the way we produce, manufacture and deliver, but it will change these processes even more in the years to come.

Just think about the mere fact that right now in your pockets you hold more power than your whole house did back in the 1990’s. Quite a feat, huh? But that’s nothing compared to what Artificial Intelligence will do in the future. AI is no longer the stuff of fictions and dreams but very much a reality.

So, what results has the artificial intelligence yielded now that has spurred experts from around the world to take part in a heated debate concerning the future of mankind itself?

Slowly but surely, Artificial Intelligence has already begun infiltrating into our houses and workplaces. Not just in terms of cool gadgets and automation, Artificial Intelligence has all the potential to revolutionize security, healthcare, poverty and education.

  • Transportation- Self driven cars have already been implemented in a few cities around the world. Though still in the development phase, once it’s done, you can expect the very meaning of ‘transportation’ to change. Artificial Intelligence through self-driven will help save millions of lives all around the world every day that might have been lost due to road accidents. And not to forget the fact that AI will help in dealing with traffic jams effectively and efficiently thereby resulting in conservation of resources, time and energy.
  • Medicine- Artificial Intelligence is contribute greatly to the field of medicine through precision medicine. Which is a rising trend in medicine, wherein the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases by taking into consideration the lifestyle, environment and individual gene variability in each person. It is a type of medical personalization that is being driven and helped to adopt by Artificial Intelligence. Precision Medicine will become an invaluable tool for doctors and researchers as it helps them to more accurately predict and treat numerous diseases in a wide diverse group of people.With the help of this very precision medicine, doctors have been able to find unknown diabetes sub-types that was not identified before. AI has also helped detect tumors more effectively in radiology scans. It has also helped accelerate the cause in finding a cure for cancer.
  • Healthcare- Through precision medicine, Artificial Intelligence will help increase the longevity of a human life. But it will also help the elderly greatly in many different ways. Firstly, it will help improve their standard of living making it possible for many elderly to live on their own without having to depend on other human beings. From medications to health check-ups, the artificial intelligence will help them live to their fullest without having to worry about the little things.Patients with Alzheimer’s can be monitored and looked after more efficiently through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. AI not only assures their safety but the safety of those around them as well.
  • Solution Master- Artificial Intelligence might be the key to some of the world’s greatest problems. Right now, artificial intelligence is already helping analyse and compute a strategy for complex problems on a corporate level but soon they will be available to work on a global level. Problems that are too complicated and requiring numerous years of human study due to changing data will be solved within a matter of seconds. Soon, Global Warming can finally be eradicated through the use of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Way Of The New World- Today, everything runs on ‘data.’ Data is the new oil of the present day industry- invaluable and indispensable. Numerous data from all around the world are collected, stored and studied by artificial intelligence today to give out new strategies and ideas helping in the rise of the company in its respective industry. Artificial Intelligence is already an integral part of business and soon it will become the core of business decision making.

With new sources of data emerging every minute, artificial intelligence helps keep all of it in check and filters useful information from these data.

Artificial Intelligence is soon going to become the friend we just can’t live without. Rather than think of it as a means of replacing the human mind, use it as means to scale the human mind. After all, the human mind is said to be the most elegant computer in existence.