Hiring a Web Design Agency – 15 Reasons Why You Should Do It

In today’s extremely competitive world, being seen online is the first step to creating a successful business. However, that’s not all. Your business website should be designed professionally to show how serious you are about your business. If you’re still in a dilemma about why you should hire a web design agency, here are fifteen reasons to do so:

  1. Give your digital marketing campaign a starting point: From using social media and apps to e-commerce platforms, there are various ways to market your offerings. However, you’ll need to tie all of them to optimize your digital marketing efforts and a website designed by a web design agency can do just that.
  2. Make a great first impression: Did you know 94% of customers’ first impressions are related to your site’s web design? And that a visitor to your site will just take 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website? 85% of potential buyers would get the feel of a website before they decide to buy. These are reasons enough to hire professionals to create an attractive site that makes a lasting first impression on your visitors.
  3. Building a website that works and is easily accessible: Your website should have user-friendly navigation, be easily accessible to all, and have content (including images) that load fast. Engaging a web design agency for the job will ensure that you get all these right the first time around.
    Get a customized website: Instead of using pre-designed templates to create your site that would look just the same as thousands of other sites, you can have a truly unique website customized to fit your business needs by hiring an experienced web design agency.
  4. Experience counts: A web design agency has a team of skilled designers and developers who know what it takes to create a site that gives optimal performance, impresses visitors, turn leads into sales, and even entices random visitors into coming back. From designing your site structure to helping you with the right placement of on-site content to focusing on SEO to aligning your website with your marketing campaigns, professionals of a web design agency can do all these and more.
  5. Take advantage of the latest trends: From flat styles or asymmetrical layouts and broken grids to fluid and organic design and elements, engaging movie-style videos, more enhanced and elevated image treatments, etc. you can take advantage of the current web design trends by hiring a web design agency.
    Make the most of responsive designs: Hiring a professional web design agency would help you benefit from responsive design, which refers to web design that makes your website accessible from all types of media devices. Thus, you would no longer need to worry about hidden images or broken text just because your website is designed for a PC and doesn’t display well on mobile screens.
  6. Get set for superior SEO performance: SEO starts with good design. Your website’s SEO would be adversely affected if there’s excessive use of JavaScript, HTML frames, CSS, etc. for instance, or you’ve inappropriate error pages. Since these issues are often associated with website design, you can steer clear of them by hiring an experienced web design company and thus, priming your website for excellent SEO performance.
  7. Save precious time: Unlike amateur developers who may take weeks just to create your website’s framework, professional designers will complete the job quickly and efficiently. Since they’re aware of the intricacies involved in building a strong online presence, they will also test the site thoroughly before making it go live. This would mean no major downtimes, sudden crashes, or other maintenance issues for your website.
  8. Get technical support and additional services: Be it fixing some technical bugs or adding a few new features, you’re likely to get technical support for such jobs from most reputed web design agencies. You may even get additional services (paid or free) such as SEO, content marketing, etc.
    Present a professional image: While a poorly designed website shows how casual you’re about your business, a professionally designed one boosts your credibility by showing how serious you’re about your business. You can get the latter by hiring a web design agency.
  9. Boost your website traffic: A web design agency would help increase positive customer experiences and credibility (and even contribute to your site’s SEO), which in turn would encourage more people to visit your website.
  10. Convert more leads into sales: Increased web traffic and good SEO would mean more leads for you, thus giving you the chance of getting more conversions.
  11. Save money: Instead of investing money on hiring a graphic designer, content marketer, SEO writer, and IT consultant, you can save a lot by hiring a web design agency, which would offer you all these services and then some more as a package deal.
  12. Strengthen your brand: By creating a professional and customized website, a web design agency can help you build your brand image and earn respect from customers and competitors alike.

If you’re ready to create your website or give your existing one a makeover, we’re here to help! 

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