Thank You For 3 Incredible Years

J2TMedia Web Solutions is going to complete 3 years on this 13th July and going from the start-up phase to the scale-up phase calls for a celebration. Without question, it is also the time for forward thinking because our greatest achievements still lie ahead of us.

The tenure of three years is certainly not a big one, but when we think of the fact that the average tech start-ups often don’t make two years, we feel actually proud. It has been an incredible ride and we promise to everyone associated with us that in the years ahead, J2TMedia Web Solutions will deliver even better performance in the areas you need.

Our journey started with a few persons sitting around in a small room. There were only two things we knew about: we wanted to thrive as a company and we wanted to disrupt the field with our cost-effective, innovative yet highly impactful products. The competition was not easy but we did the research required and grew passionate. We figured that a small company can leave a huge impact if the things are done right. During the initial phase, we didn’t realize it but we were actually paving the road to success.

We believe in the theory of learning by doing and in these three years, we have learned a lot by working for a wide range of clients. We have learned that customer is king and a customer-centric approach is critical to thrive. We never change our prices overnight as that make thing haywire for the clients.

We have learned that mistakes do happen, even by the best organizations. The thing that truly matters is how you project the mistakes to your clients. Though it actually gives you a great learning opportunity, some businesses strive to hide them. Being transparent is one of our core business objectives and thus, we keep our work transparent and accessible. In the event of mistakes, we put our best foot forward to rectify them as soon as possible without compromising quality and affecting the client in terms of delay in delivery and/or additional costs.

During these three years, we have gone through a good amount of ups and downs, but we have been able to maintain a steady growth always. We have also learned that developing business software doesn’t have to be a drab job, though the world says it otherwise sometimes. We believe that even the most impossible thing can be made possible with real generosity of action and spirit.

During our journey, we have seen a number of businesses experiencing a heavy loss due to mismanagement of resources, mainly human and partially others. Unlike them, we know that people are central to any business and everyone comes with his/her responsibilities, both personal and social. In terms of fulfilling social responsibilities, J2TMedia Web Solutions has become a frontrunner. We have taken up a good number of CSR initiatives and have plans to expand our reach in the coming years.

When we think about growth, we don’t think in terms of revenue, employees, or office space. Instead, we remember back to developing our first product, when we would celebrate every successful development. And now, when we have successfully developed a lot of high-end products, we don’t bother anymore. Instead, we aim for more. We feel it truly amazing how we now work in an average day compared to what we did in the initial phase.

People ask how the entire team of J2TMedia Web Solutions stayed so motivated and consistent through these three years in an industry evolving quickly. We believe the reason is we deeply care about the client experience. We also believe that better software products can help our clients to outperform their competition and we are dedicated to prove it over and over again.

In the upcoming years, the definition of web development may go through a huge change, in terms of technologies, tools, and approaches. We can expect to see a huge number of processes and pieces will undergo a renewal and for good reasons. We are pretty much excited to experience that huge opportunity and are ready to take advantage of it.

Right now, we’re on the verge of developing more dynamic products to disrupt the market, modifying our operations to accommodate faster market penetration and improving the client experience. We’re working truly hard to deliver on the vision of developing the foundations for a better future through better products.

We sincerely want to thank all our associates for these three remarkable years of support, friendship, and warmth. It wouldn’t have been possible for us to reach the position we’re at right now and it wouldn’t be possible for us to the next steps without their support.

We hope that everyone will keep holding us to great standards, telling us when their expectations are met, and when we’ve let them down.