Yours Eternally-Social Media

A survey conducted by the “Global Internet and Mobile Security Company”- Bull guard in 2011, shared that- 55% of parents keep an eye on their wards social networking profiles. And surprisingly 80% of them said that they check the status updates of their kids, or watch their wall and find out who’s posting what. The argument is – Are these social media your friends or foes?

Social Media usage pattern- by age, by sex, by time duration

Before you get down to understand the reality just check the following:

  • A global survey, done in Jun 2017, states that of the total global population of 7.511 billion 54% is urban, with 3.811billion internet users. That means internet has penetrated 51% of the global population.
  • 2.895 billion People across the globe are active social media users, which stands to be a whopping 39%.
  • In the year 2010 Facebook monthly active users were 500million which grew to 2billion by Jun 2017.
  • Of the total Facebook users, globally, maximumly is among the age group of 18-34 years.
  • Average time spent by an 18+years old adult, on social media in a week is 5hours 30minutes. This time is 22% of the time they spend on all media in a week. It also says that the same data is 25% and 34% for females.

The point is social media penetration and its overall acceptance has shown tremendous growth and it has become part and parcel of everyone’s life. Also, if social media is not against anyone, rather its sometimes people relate to nowadays.

Social Media Misconceptions

There are few misconceptions certain percentage of the population carry about the use and benefits of social media sites and believe that they are a potential threat. The following are the misconception.

  • Social media are not safe, especially for teenagers, as they share your whereabouts. Teenagers have the access to prohibited contents and videos.
  • Social media is just a platform to share photographs about having a chitchat with your friends.
  • Social media can do very less to enhance your business growth.
  • Social media consumes a lot of time.
  • It is for young people only.
  • Social media are a platform to self-promote.
  • Social media consumes a lot of time.
  • Social media platforms reduce the productivity of workers.

The fact of the matter is all such misconceptions have logical and factual answers. You can always restrict the usage of social media for your children. There are ways and means where applications can be blocked, not allowing them to view contents you don’t want them to view.

They are not just places to share personal pictures and promote you, rather a dais to reach out to people, directly, to strategically place your product or service. They are your friends who can give a thrust to your business. Digital marketing concepts include “Social Media Marketing” as one of the biggest tools.

Social Media also shares huge contents with education and training. That is the thing you should look for to sharpen the skill sets of your employees. Motivate them to use such materials on social media to grow, both personally and personally.

Stick to one kind of social media and do not try to be anywhere and everywhere. That will save your time and this is for sure, once you focus on the one you deliver and receive better.

Why do you need social media in the first place?

Still, something left in your minds? The very obvious question still remains – Do you really need Social Media?

To understand why you still need social media you must understand that it helps you to stay connected, be social, remain updated, and you do all this without hampering your daily busy schedule. Over the years there has been a change in the behavior of people using social media- of course towards positivity! Few facts will throw some light on this statement.

  • 80% of people, using one or the other social media, tried something their friends recommended them on social media platforms through shares and likes.
  • 74% recommended new products to friends.
  • 34% are willing to learn new products and services.
  • 50% of Facebook users remember an advertisement if it was shared by their friends.

The above are clear indicators that consumer behaviors have changed, with the usage of this platform. The cycle followed by them is – Interaction, learning, investigation, and purchase. Another factor which is been promoted by all social media is the bonding between people.

In this fast and furious world of hi-tech daily routine, you stay together, enjoy together and share your happiness and joy every day, every minute without missing your studies, job, and businesses. Social Media certainly is a friend who is available for you anytime and every time you need them. The only thing in this world which says –Yours Eternally!