Two Cons Of Using Social Media At Workplace

While social media has become one of the foremost ways of communication, knowledge sharing, promoting companies etc, it also has some downsides as well. Inappropriate use of social media can cause detrimental effects either between employees or between employer and the employees. Here are two issues that can occur due to social media’s use at workplace.

  • Use in working hours: Thanks to social media, now people can stay silently connected round the clock. Accessing social media during working hours can lead to poor productivity. As an employer, you can provide your employees access to social media during breaks (say, lunch hours) but you’ve to ensure a ban during work hours.
  • Work-related damage: Some unhappy employees may use social media to talk negatively about the company, its policies, work conditions and jobs. At times, they may even target a colleague and talk negatively about his/her work. With some strict codes of conduct, you can prevent employees from ranting on a public platform. Make sure your HR is efficient and encourage your employees to get matters resolved in-house rather than taking out their anger openly on a public forum like these social networking sites. Also, encourage people and team to collaborate, thus fostering a friendly environment.