Mastering the E-commerce business! Let the sales begin!

In today’s business world anyone can set up an ecommerce business. The decision of whether your venture will succeed or not is not depending upon just starting it, the success of your ecommerce is determined by your sales and sales alone.

And how do sales happen? The higher the numbers of visitors to your site, the more probability of sales happening are. But with the means and sources available today, not only is it easy to set up an ecommerce business but to promote its sales as well. The only determinant being whether or not you are using the technology available to you in an effective and efficient manner.

There is no dearth of ecommerce sales advice but most of them are outdated. It is vital that you understand the existing trends in the ecommerce market and make the most out of it.

  • ‘Instagram’ is your Sales Champion- Did you know that out of all the social media platforms out there, the order values placed through Instagram is the highest of them all? Recent studies have also acknowledged that Instagram gives about 25% more brand engagement than any other social media platform. Thereby making Instagram a prominent player in your sales, which in turn means that it is all the more important to know how to work on Instagram.
    Basically it’s about using the right filters, the right hashtags and posting at the right times. All of these will help you gather a solid huge following on Instagram. The trick here is to engage your followers through activities such as campaigns or contests, once you have mastered that you have clearly mastered the Instagram marketing and have laid a solid foundation for your sales promotion.
    Nothing testifies your ecommerce business like social proof. And what better social proof than user-generated photos? Letting potential customers know how happy your previous customers are with your products is an assured sales booster. By seeing how often your products are being sold and people liking them will put potential customers at ease and will persuade them to shop at your site just like the others they have seen.
  • Social Media Ads Booster- When it comes to social media ads, Facebook is the way to go. Facebook has been successful in getting sales and cheap leads to many ecommerce business. Facebook is much preferred over Google ads and other display ads because of their low cost per click rate. To make the most out of Facebook ads, carry out acquisition campaigns to direct cheap traffic to collection and content pages while cookie-ing the visitors for remarketing. When it comes to customers who add products to their cart but don’t check out, retarget them through dynamic ads to increase product value and demand. It’s always a good practise to show off your top selling products through carousel ads. This way you are getting most viewership for various potential sales in one go.
    Like your business, there will be numerous ecommerce sits vying for potential customers’ attention. What will set up apart from your competitor is how you capture the viewer’s attention. Be more eye-catching and entertaining, the main objective will be keep them engaged for as long as possible which will result in a potential successful sale.

There might be certain instance where one might not have the means or the experience to carry out the above techniques, in that case one always has the option of hiring experts and professionals who will do the work for them.

  • SEO is the key- Google SEO is the backbone of many ecommerce sites. The trick to a successful Search Engine Optimization lies in the backlinks. The quality and quantity of your backlinks helps determine the domain rank of your site. This domain rank helps in determining where your ecommerce business shows up in the results of the google search engine. Higher up in the google search result means more sales.
    Not just the backlinks, but the originality and the authenticity of the content of the site helps in boosting your SEO.
  • Email Marketing- Known as one of best online marketing tools, Emails have outperformed social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Emails serve two main functionalities- they help supplement content marketing and the next one is that they help direct traffic to your online store. Statistics show that 70% of the people who learn about special sales or discounts from emails do contribute to sales and also over 60% of people confirmed that they prefer email marketing and subscribe to the same because of the special offers and coupons they get from it.
    Email has remained as a solid source for retargeting old customers and getting new customers through referrals. Emails are also said to be more long lasting than tweets and posts. Through the correct usage of email campaigns and email reminders, one can boost up their sales margin significantly.

The trends of Ecommerce business keep changing in the blink of an eye. But the above few are evergreen till the foreseeable future. Master these techniques and hone those skills efficiently to get optimal sales and master the ecommerce business.