What Is Better For Your Mobile Site-AMP Or Responsive Web Design

Mobiles and smartphones are now a preferred way through which customers shop for a range of products as well as services on the internet. All businesses which operate online, fully understand that the content needs to be displayed quickly and correctly on the smartphones and mobile devices as well. Mobile web design and optimization is in-itself a challenging and intriguing task as different smartphones have different screen sizes and the internet speeds also vary. Google, the leader in web search, prefers websites and web pages that have been optimized for mobiles. Hence the right kind of mobile optimization can bring you much more traffic and consequently greater revenues.

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages and RWD or Responsive Web Design are the 2 frameworks available when we wish to make our websites and web content more friendly and lucrative for the mobile users. Here is a peek into the 2 frameworks.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The acronym AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a new technique that has been devised by Google itself and provides for faster loading of web pages and websites on the mobile devices. AMP is an open-source technology and can improve the performance and loading times of both advertisements as well as web content, for a mobile website. Apart from multiple large search platforms,AMP also includes web publishing and social platforms. Web crawlers can easily find out the AMP pages and most of the current web browsers can display them. The AMP framework consists of AMP HTML,AMP JavaScript (decides loading of resources)and AMP catches. When compared to the non AMP pages, the AMP pages use up-to 10 times lesser data and can load in less than a second.

Because of their extensive benefits, the AMP web pages offer an incredible usage delight to all consumers, and benefit the online businesses. They are also much appreciated by the customers and users, who can search and browse for the things they need, in much lesser period of time. The AMP pages may work like Facebook Instant and are available for a number of advertisement networks around the world. The fast loading of web pages directly leads to an increase in web traffic, and greater sales. Most customers abort their online shopping operations because of the slow loading of web pages. AMP pages keep the customers engaged. They also provide a better web shopping experience to the customers and make them come back to it again and again.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Much like the AMP web pages, the responsive web design framework also uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS. But the responsive web design framework has different goals. It is basically the redesigning and reorganizing of a website so that it can load and run smoothly on both PC and the mobile phones. While AMP can be integrated within an existing website, the responsive web design framework has to replace an existing website. Unlike AMP, RWD can also work with non-static web content. Hence apart from static content (including blogs, articles and other kinds of content), it can also work with the web applications and different web forms.

AMP for mobile

AMP can deliver the web content in very less time, a benefit that cannot be offered by RWD. It hence provides a better and more convenient mobile surfing experience to all users. AMP can also reduce the web page size and can deliver the content in a very mobile friendly way. AMP is also known to provide greater retention rates, as the fast loading times are quite preferredby mobile users. AMP hence is quite problem solving in character, and when it comes to business websites, it is a sure shot way to achieve the goals.

AMP should be preferred when you want to attain greater revenues by optimizing your web pages for the mobile users. While Responsive Web Design has its own benefits, it cannot deliver the desired speed, which the modern customer prefers. J2tmedia Web Solutions is a leader in web design and web optimization. The website can redesign or integrate the AMP framework in your business website and mobile site at a very affordable cost.