How social media can help companies
in recruitment

Some employers may still shy away from using social media but if you know the right way to use it, it can help you significantly in finding the ideal candidates for your company’s vacant posts. Here’s how you can leverage various social media platforms for recruitment:

  • Advertising jobs: Apart from putting information about vacant posts on job portals, find groups on various social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook etc) where posting the same would mean reaching out to many more potential candidates. You may even ask people in your network on these social networking sites to recommend a suitable candidate of they know any.
  • Screening applicants: Social media profiles can give you useful insight into a person, how he/she presents himself/herself to the outside world etc, if he/she would fit the job profile or the company culture etc. However, don’t rely solely on the Facebook profile or Twitter feed of candidates as it may be misleading or can also be taken to be discriminating in some cases.
  • Reaching passive candidates: Did you know 75% of potential hires aren’t actively looking for a job? As many as 80% of employers have lauded social media as it has helped them reach passive candidates many of whom ended up being hired by the companies. You too can leverage social media to reach and recruit from a talented pool of passive candidates who would have otherwise remained inaccessible if you stick to using traditional modes of recruitment.