Understanding CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is an excellent way to write JavaScript nicely in a more compact way. This programming language enhances the readability and brevity of JavaScript. CoffeeScript is much better than the traditional JavaScript and incorporates various good features from the Ruby language. Since its inception in 2009, CoffeeScript has become the most favorite writing language of many programmers. The main advantages of this language are:

  • Inspires the utilization of good JavaScript patterns
  • Makes good JavaScript code more readable and shorter
  • Deters JavaScript anti-patterns
  • It supports string interpolation
  • Class definitions are direct in CoffeeScript
  • CoffeeScript supports comprehensions and loops
  • It offers variable security
  • It provides simple ranges and slicing of range
  • CoffeeScript offers clear de-structuring assignments, binding and regular expressions
  • It supports lambdas and simple function definitions

JavaScript differs in various ways from CoffeeScript.

Two of them are:

  • Almost everything from lambdas, functions, variables, strings, class definitions etc are quite annoying to get completed with JavaScript. All of these become much easier and faster with CoffeeScript.
  • Some protocols do restrict JavaScript and its capability to define classes in various ways is quite powerful but it seems to be confusing. CoffeeScript eliminates this problem by adding the class keyword.